Bringing Indian Culture to residents of Acadiana AND southern louisiana

Bringing Indian Culture to residents of Acadiana AND southern louisiana

Bringing Indian Culture to residents of Acadiana AND southern louisianaBringing Indian Culture to residents of Acadiana AND southern louisiana

Holi lafayette - canceled

In the interest of protecting residents of Acadiana from coronavirus, the event has been CANCELED.

We thank all our individual and business sponsors and encourage everyone to wash their hands often.

Wash your hands with soap and water to minimize the risk of contracting coronaviru (COVID 19) AND keep your hands away from your face, eyes, nose and mouth.




Next Holi Lafayette celebration will be on March 28th, 2020.

Location: Girard Park, Lafayette

Time:  11 am to 4 pm

EVENT CANCELED due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 

LAFAYETTE Holi Festival


Festival of Colors

HOLI  is a colorful festival that is open to everyone and is held annually at Girard Park in Lafayette.  

Highlights of the festival include music with a live DJ, dance, performances, drummer (Dholi),   exchange of colors, and lots of delicious Indian food for all to enjoy!

Many Colors of the Holi Festival

Holi is celebrated by Hindus in India and throughout the world.  It marks the passage of winter and commemorates the beginning of Spring.  Holi is usually in March on the last full moon of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month. While it is traditionally celebrated in Southeast Asia, it has come to be enjoyed by everyone worldwide. 

The Holi festival is also rooted in Hindu mythology and celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Today, Holi is an occasion for family, friends and community to come together to celebrate, dance and feast together.

In the original tradition, people celebrate Holi by splashing water mixed with brilliant colors on anyone passing by.  Often, the splashed colored liquids are replaced by fluorescently colored powders.

Meaning behind Colors of Holi

Blue is the color of the gods.

Green is the color of nature.

Red is the color of festivals and weddings, and signifies passion.

Yellow signifies warmth.

Orange is the color of ambition.

Holi in lafayette


Holi Proclamation in Lafayette


On March 29, 2014, Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel officially 

proclaimed the last Saturday of March to be celebrated as 

Lafayette Holi Festival

Each year, Acadiana Indian Association organizes the Holi festival to bring 

a taste of Indian culture to the people of Acadiana. The festival is celebrated 

in Gerard Park and is enjoyed by more than 3000 folks each year.

Need More Information

An extra t-shirt and a towel to clean off the colors is recommended. The colors are all WASHABLE.

For security of all the attendees, NO outside food and drinks will be allowed inside event grounds. 

The festival is sponsored by the following generous individuals and organizations.




Cardiology Institute of the South


Drs. Padmini and Jagdish Gupta

Ajay and Bindu Patel

Anita J. Gouri, DDS 

Dr. Kalyan and Mrs. Vasavi Veerina


Dr. Bose Cheeran 

Dr. Anu Desai

Sharad Gunda, MD LLC

Dr. Akshey Gupta

Dr. Amar Kasarla

Drs. Manjula and Shankariah Kothapalli

Dr. Ilyas Munshi

Dr. Mohit Srivastava 

 Dr. Irfan Hasan 


Rozina Amlani

Drs. Sai and Saguna Chennamsetty

Dr. Geeta Dalal

Drs. Krishna Janumpally and Ravali Bandaru

Dr. Karunasri

Dr. Ramakrishna Kasindula

Dr. Muralidhar Devarapalli

Dr. Durga Prasad


Our Business Sponsors